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Seas nextel vs peerless for OB Mid

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  • Seas nextel vs peerless for OB Mid

    I am currently using a Peerless 830883 in OB configuration from 300 -1.8khz. I would like to go to a larger driver say the 8 inch Seas Nextel (not mag). I know the nextel are much more expensive, but should I realize a performance improvement? distortion wise? I am thinking the larger driver will handle the lower end better and may be a smoother sound overall. Thanks. (BTW this is mated to a Satori TW29)

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    This is an active system?


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      Have you done any distortion measurements with the 830883? In my OB setup I see very low distortion even baffleless and up to fairly high levels. Also no obvious motor or spider noise due to the phase plug and open basket.


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        Jim - I haven't heard that Seas nextel, but I recently built the Revolutions by Jeff Bagby that uses the SB Satori MR13P (sorry, can't link, but it's at that Michigan place)
        I could not be happier with the smoothness and resolution. Best I've heard. You could use a pair as MTM.

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