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    Has anyone here have any hands on experience with the DIY sound group Helix MT . I know that Jeff B has a good reputation for designing speakers but im curious as to how they compare to the Martin Logan 35xt,s . i have for a while wanted a set Jeff B speakers i just like some feedback. Thank you .

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    I buit a pair last month. I have not stained and oiled the veneer yet. The kit is well designed. The crossover with the optional circuit board was easy to assemble.
    I have not heard Martin Logans, so I can't compare, but I do have other very good speakers. IMHO they sound very good (but old ears). I modified the cabinet to a front slot port, retaining the same cabinet volume.
    my next build will be an MTM design with Usher 8945p 7" drivers. I have way more speakers than I need, but really enjoy building them. I can send you a picture if you PM me a phone number. I haven't tried to post a picture here yet.
    i do reccomend DIYSG kits. I am not a techie and would not be able to design a build from scrach.
    good luck,
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      Thank you for replying and lol on having too many speakers. I know that diy has a good product im concert is not the quality of the kit .


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        Pictures sent


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          Here's a thread from another member, if you haven't already seen it ...