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It’s that time audio enthusiasts! Registration for the 2019 Speaker Design Competition is now open! Visit for details and to list your speaker project. We are excited to see all returning participants, and look forward to meeting some new designers this year, as well! Be sure your plans include a visit to the Parts Express Tent Sale for the lowest prices of the year, and the Audio Swap Meet where you can buy and trade with other audio fans. We hope to see you this summer! Vivian and Jill
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Helix Dome MT

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  • Helix Dome MT

    Has anyone here have any hands on experience with the DIY sound group Helix MT . I know that Jeff B has a good reputation for designing speakers but im curious as to how they compare to the Martin Logan 35xt,s . i have for a while wanted a set Jeff B speakers i just like some feedback. Thank you .

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    I buit a pair last month. I have not stained and oiled the veneer yet. The kit is well designed. The crossover with the optional circuit board was easy to assemble.
    I have not heard Martin Logans, so I can't compare, but I do have other very good speakers. IMHO they sound very good (but old ears). I modified the cabinet to a front slot port, retaining the same cabinet volume.
    my next build will be an MTM design with Usher 8945p 7" drivers. I have way more speakers than I need, but really enjoy building them. I can send you a picture if you PM me a phone number. I haven't tried to post a picture here yet.
    i do reccomend DIYSG kits. I am not a techie and would not be able to design a build from scrach.
    good luck,
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      Thank you for replying and lol on having too many speakers. I know that diy has a good product im concert is not the quality of the kit .


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        Pictures sent


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          Here's a thread from another member, if you haven't already seen it ...