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Cross-over parts substitutes

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  • Cross-over parts substitutes

    How big an impact is it if a cross-over calls for say a 0.4 inductor and you have one rated at 0.39? Close enough or is +/- 1mH audible? How much difference would it take for there to be an audible difference?

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    That's closer than typical tolerances, so don't sweat it.
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      I figured but it started me wondering at what point would you start to run into audible differences?


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        The series resistance value can be as / more significant than value variation within tolerance. This can especially have an effect on the tweeter highpass parallel inductor which can be sensitive to inline resistance moreso than inductance value or a specific notch filter (which may need to be precise)

        In summary - keep within 5% on both inductance AND inductor resistance (make sure the designer specifies the inductor resistance in their crossover). If you can't match resistance - you can pad with your own resistors. I wouldn't bother with series resistors (less resistance = more output) - but parallel resistors - bear in mind if the designer says certain values are critical or need to be close.


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          This is why you listen and tweak after simming. Individual parts tolerances might not make much difference one at a time, but they could add up to somewhat different than the sim. but if you measure the components and get them all as tight as your example, who knows?
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