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  • Looking to build bluetooth speaker

    Hello All,

    Wanted to get input on this bluetooth speaker build. This will be my main entertainment sound system until I get situated and can hook up my surround sound system. I listen to a range of music from Rock, EDM, House, Dance, Latin and even radio airplay. But I mostly listen to classic rock.

    Looking to utilize the following in a custom build orientation. Basses of the build would be using the design and components of Paul’s Overnight sensations. The layout would basically be the 2 speaker enclosures oriented on their sides joined together as a unit, but internally separated / extended in the middle to add crossovers, etc. Similar to the orientation of Overnight Sensations MTM and the Madeleine. My overall dimensions would be 24” x 9” x 6” keeping the same overall internal per speaker volume 4.5 Liters.

    Using the speakers and crossover design as per sensations, only possibly changing the tweeter. I see that some kits ship with Dayton tweeter and some ship with HiVi depending on where you buy it from.

    HiVi B4N 4"
    HiVi SD1.1-A 1" over the Dayton ND20FA-6?
    Sure Electronics AA-AB32165 2x25W
    Sure Electronics AA-AB41136 Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board aptX +EDR 12 VDC AA-AB41136 or maybe Google chromecast?

    There are so many speaker and components to utilize. The Continuum II components also looks tempting, but overall dimensions would have to change.

    Let me know what you think or have any suggestions.

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    If I were doing the Madeleine over again I would choose the KAB-2x30 watt board. Super simple to hook up, no need for a battery unless you want it portable. It is an all in one and you even get a volume knob. They are very hard to beat. Pair it with a 19v Huntley AC adapter and you are set.
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      Originally posted by Gordy View Post
      If I were doing the Madeleine over again
      Page, in case the reference is not on "The Madeleine" in Gordy's signature. That is the speaker build you are looking for!


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        Gordy, Thanks for the reference. I'll take a look at the board. As for box design here are the renderings. Each speaker chamber is referenced from the sensations (9.5"x9"x6") Overall dimensions would be ~24” x 9” x 6”. It will also be ported out the back. The front fascia will also change a bit, going to flush or rear mount speakers so that the fabric covers the speakers. In the lid area there will be a volume knob, and anything else I might put in there (power, BT, etc.). Not 100% on making a dock for smartphone.


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          That seems to turn an elegant little speaker into a BIG piece of furniture!


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            If you use the KAB 2x30 board, and need to buy the power supply, I'd go with a 24 V PS. Gordy's 19 V suggestion will work fine (especially if you have an old laptop PS available). But the 24 V supply will give you a little more headroom for peaks. Given the OSs are 8 ohm speakers, the KAB 2x30 will easily handle a 24 V PS.

            A 19 V PS will deliver ~20 W rms (clean) into the OS's while a 24 V supply will deliver 33 W rms.


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              The generic crossover will not do very well. A crossover that is purpose built for your speakers in their boxes will be much better.

              It'll probably be easier to copy an existing design for your first build. Check out the Madeleine at

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