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  • High End Sound Bar?

    Hey everybody - I've been off the forum for quite a while after a growing interest in furniture building took me away from building speakers. I was very glad to see a lot of familiar names are active.

    I'm getting a new TV that will screw up my speaker placement and may be cause for my first speaker build in several years.

    My current TV leaves *just* enough room on the TV stand for some bookshelf speakers I made (The Lemons) but the new TV will run end-to-end on the stand so I need a new solution.

    I might pull up my old Zaph 2.5 towers for the time being and put them on each side of the TV stand, but those were my first build and they are not very attractive by my current standards. I'm also not sure I want towers along side the new TV. So my options include building new cabinets for the Zaph's, building different towers, or building a wide short cabinet in the sound-bar format that the TV will sit on... I'm talking like 70" wide and 20" deep... 2 or 3 channels.

    Tweeter height will be worse with the sound bar build, so I expect most people will vote for new tower builds. I'm looking for advice on the situation in general and specifically whether there are any good designs that could fit in a short cabinet without having to lay an existing design on its side (unless it was designed to do so). I have not run a center channel in probably 5+ years so I'm also unsure if it's worth 3 channels in the proposed design.

    My priorities are good dialog reproduction but still capable of handling music and movies at moderate sound levels. I rarely blast anything. I need a new AVR as well (to support 4K) so power demands are flexible as I can perhaps get a higher powered receiver if I build something power-hungry


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    I don't know your space limitations beyond your remarks, but since you have interest and talent in furniture making, have you considered a total redo of your entertainment "infrastructure", to allow room for your new TV and some good sized LCR speakers?


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      I like djg's thought. 2nd choice for me, redo the Zaph towers. If you absolutely must go sound bar, Wolf just did one, and I guarantee that's as close as you're gonna come to great sound in a sound bar. Good Luck!
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        I designed a flexible soundbar solution called 'Bar-Gain', if you want to go with a bar. Of course a HTR could power it instead of the amp I installed in it. It does sound quite good.

        I do feel, however, that if you are going 4k, et al, that a full (at least 5.1) is likely a better card to play.


        EDIT: Thanks, Mark!
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          thanks guys.

          I do actually have plans to build a new A/V console table which could potentially support L/C/R channels in a semi-integrated way. that project may not be complete until a year from now (or longer) and the new TV arrives tomorrow so i'm looking for a short/mid term solution for now. I will probably run the Zaphs in the short term and spend some time figuring out what to do next. I just found Wolf's - thanks for the reference. I'll keep that on my list if I build a bar.

          Sadly I guess my ears are legit made of wood at this point in my life - I was doing cleanup of my AV area yesterday and discovered that the port tube came unattached inside the cabinet of my Left-Front channel and I never even realized the difference. Perhaps if I listened to music I could tell but i'm 99% TV + Gaming.


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            Get rid of the TV stand, use a wall mount, put it high enough to put any speakers you wan't underneath it. A console for electronics still serves a purpose, but one to hold a TV should have gone extinct when the CRT did.


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              My current room setup (which we are not likely to change) puts the TV with its back against the foyer area of my high-ranch/ split-level house. There's no wall there, so mounting is not an option, although my wife is trying to convince me to find some way to hang it from the ceiling.

              I also have grandiose plans for my custom console build that would include an arch as part of the design along the back which would serve as a mounting point for the TV such that it would sort of hang above the top of the console slightly. Only like a 2% chance i'll ever build that idea, but I can dream. I could also make the console build wider such that bookshelf speakers could sit flanking the TV - current console will be full end-to-end with the new TV so that is causing my current dilemma


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                Well, if for short-term usage (until you build a new console), you could attach 2 shelf brackets to the side of your current console to sit your Lemons on.
                they would be just outside your new TV and with your woodworking abilities you could make it attractive with matching wood, etc.


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                  Super simple quick fix:

                  Get a finished shelf board long enough to lay on top of your current console with room for your new TV and current speakers cantilevered out beyond the side dimensions of the console ends. I was going to do this but instead I hung the L/R TMs from the banister.