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    Looking good. I like the contrast of light wood and dark


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      I did a similar coax with ND28s IIRC, on 8" Seas poly woofers. I removed the flange and made a fairly intricate mount from PVC pipe, which was a perfect fit into the hole left from the "phase plug" removal. This was for upward pointing surrounds, and the tweeters were (are) horn loaded with a circular PE horn which also disperses the woofer sound. Not my design.

      Your project is very nice looking.


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        The cleverness on display at this site sometimes amazes.


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          I put the bottom panels and trim pieces under the heat sinks.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	144B6DE1-CF5A-4565-8781-DE84322C1F9D.jpeg
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            Here is the rest of the tweeter mods. I solder and double heat shrink the wires. I spaced out the tweeter with five washers epoxied together with JB Weld. I also epoxied a 1/4” nut in the middle. I used copper washers to reduce the amount of ferrous material since the phase plug was also non-ferrous. No idea if it makes a difference but that’s what I did. I used one steel washer in the middle of the stack for the simple reason that I didn’t buy enough copper washers.

            I used a bolt cutter to clearance the middle three washers to route the wires. I also cut the back washer for wires as well. I used a brass bolt to hold the tweeter in. I used a rubber washer on the rear to allow me to get it relatively tight without having to crank on the bolt and risk popping the nut off.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	393BEC6F-BB57-4275-BDA9-F30D1A8587AC.jpeg
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              Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                  I wet sanded and polished the baffles; 600, 1000, 1500, rubbing compound, polishing compound, machine glaze, liquid wax. They look ok from several feet away but still have some orange peel / pitting that is obvious up close. I should have done more 220 - 300 between coats. This was my first polished finish on anything, so I’ll call it a learning experience.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	BF6C1BA2-429E-4D65-BBAA-FA72916A4700.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	724.3 KB ID:	1415225Click image for larger version  Name:	38EFF88A-3B32-48B2-A0D4-653D14A7C747.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	723.7 KB ID:	1415226


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                    I hope your still bringing these to MWAF, I totally dig this project.
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                      Thanks I appreciate it. I still plan to bring them. All I have left is to mount the drivers, wire them to the speakon plug, and add the feet. I’m just using those black plastic jobs from that store in that state shaped like a mitten. I’ll probably put them on the crossovers also to tie it all together.


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                        Just found this thread. Cool project! Nice copper-washer-bolt-cutter coax mounting technique. And your contrasting, slightly curved diagonal accent panels add tons of visual interest and will certainly make for an excellent low angle photograph.

                        Also, super cool looking external xover with multi-colored caps. I like how you bolted several high powered resistors to a large heatsink, which forms the end of the cabinet. I'll bet that heatsink remains fairly cool to the touch most of the time. Or does it get warm after a few hours? Just wondering.

                        Look forward to seeing you at MWAF,

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                          Thanks Bill I look forward to meeting you as well! I’d love to have some pics by you of them, just keep the resolution low to hide all the flaws

                          I haven’t jammed on them much with the assembled crossovers so the heat sink hasn’t shown any heat at all. The midrange resistor dumps a lot of power and the 10w I used in voicing got noticeably hot, so I will be curious to see. I could have just used some big 25w cement resistors but wanted the visual of the heat sink to make the crossovers resemble each speaker having a monoblock amp.



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                            I have them all buttoned up. I still need to put together a final schematic and maybe a final measurement. Not a lot of time though as I have another pair of speakers I’m trying to wrap up as well for MWAF.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              Looking good. If there are any flaws, they are well hidden. Your coaxial tweeter mount looks better than some commercial designs that I have seen.
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                                Looks like a colorful capacitor smorgasbord! I see white (Mundorf Evo oil?), red (Audyn?), black (Solen?) and some purple ones I haven't seen before. You'll have to have an external crossover shootout with Bill
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