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High powered sealed sub + room eq.

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  • billfitzmaurice
    Originally posted by camplo View Post
    . Sealed advantages for subwoofer performance; better impulse response, less delay,.
    That's not true. In blind testing EQ'd for identical response and trimmed for identical output one cannot tell if a sub is sealed or ported. The main advantage to sealed is that in a maximally flat alignment the enclosure can be much smaller than ported, at the expense of how low it will go. That can be compensated for by EQ and power if the driver has sufficient Pe and Xmax, but by and large where sealed is most appropriate is in smaller rooms where low frequency response is aided by cabin gain. By the same token in a small room a ported sub can have too much low end due to cabin gain. In short, small rooms and sealed subs are a good match, large rooms and ported subs are a good match. Small rooms and ported subs, large rooms and sealed subs, not so much.
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  • camplo
    started a topic High powered sealed sub + room eq.

    High powered sealed sub + room eq.

    I come asking for some wisdom, in the area of sub-woofer implication. I want to upgrade my subwoofers a pair of ported 12" Kevlar woofers... The bass is respectable from current setup, but with best practice in mind, I would like to invest in improving performance in this area. The subs complete a system with 2-ways that take over after 200hz or so. Think three way with low xover point to the woofer and high xover point to tweeter.
    I've heard of people using overpowered sealed subs to create really accurate systems. Sealed advantages for subwoofer performance; better impulse response, less delay, etc, and then the short comings; less bass extension as opposed to ported systems, so with an over powered sealed sub, we use room correction eq to extend the range of the subwoofer, which is only possible with a luxury of amp headroom and sub xmax.....
    This is for studio monitoring, so application is of concern, just wondering is this a good idea for what I'm looking to do. I'm not sure how powerful of sub system I would want, 500rms8ohms per sub (2 subs) is a good starting point I think. I know of xmax calculators to help determine what type of driver specs to look for...Not sure which starting f3 is too high to try and extend with room eq...I'm hoping for some insight, correction if needed. I could always just build some nicer ported subs....I did like the novelty of the over powered room corrected seal sub....what do you guys think?
    I am also open to product suggestions if you know of one that would suite my need.
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