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Help with box volume calc!

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  • Help with box volume calc!

    Ok I thought I knew a few things, but the more if learn the less I know! I need to add enclosure volume to compensate for my "port volume" and speaker magnet volume. The magnet volume I think I can handle. The port volume, not so much. Is it the volume of the tube port itself? Pi x r2 x Length, or is it more complex? Help please!

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    I think you've got it.
    A cylinder is Pi x r x r x length. (the r x r is "r squared" - on a computer often typed as "r^2" (radius raised to the power of 2).
    Are you sizing your box w/a formula, or box modeling software (like the FREE WinISD from )?


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      Thanks Chris! I am using a box volume modeled for me by another member. So in order to maintain the modeled volume I would add the calculated volume of the port and the magnets to the modeled box volume?


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        Technically yes, but odds are (unless the box is small and tuned pretty low) it won't matter much. You should do your own models - it's fun. If the "lost volume" is < 10%, you could see if it really matters that much.