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Request Help With Reference RSS265HF 10" Sub

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  • Request Help With Reference RSS265HF 10" Sub

    Howdy. Here's the deal. I've got no test gear. I've tried learning design software, but - no luck. As a result, I've got a Dayton Reference RSS265HF-4 in an enclosure of about 1.75 ft3.

    My ques is: what should I tune that to? 30hz? 35hz? 25hz?

    Not going to use for home theater. Just looking for very deep, but very clear, detailed, tuneful bass.

    Thanks in advance for any of your enviable expertise.

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    4"id x 30" long tunes it to 24Hz. If you HAD to use a 3" port, I'd recommend a "Precision Port" that's 16" long.
    A slot port would be another alternative (or a PR).


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      Chris - Thanks.

      I may have to go with a 3 incher, cause a 30 inch long 4 incher is kind of outrageous.


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        Yeah, but for a 3", if you don't use a "PPort" (or make your own w/HUGE end flares) you'll most likely get chuffing.
        Heck, w/a 1/2" of Xmax even the PP might chuff (if cranked).