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    I would like to build a pair of small speakers for my office. I am planning on using the Tang Band W3-881SJF 3" Full Range Speakers in conjunction with a subwoofer. I am going to also use the TPS3116D2 Class D 2.1 Bluetooth amp board to power the three speakers. I would utilize the amp's built in high pass switch that enables a 6 dB/octave high pass at 150 Hz in order to filter the lows from the sattelites.

    I would like to have the trio mesh well rolling from the speakers to the sub for lows. I calculated a .03cu. ft. sealed box and a .04 cu.ft. vented box in WinISD and got the graphs below. So, the vented box seems a lot closer to the 150 hz crossover point that I am looking for.

    I'm not sure if the difference between the response curves for the two enclosures is meaningful in this situation. Would it be worth the extra work of venting the speakers for this application? I'm very new to this so, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    TB drivers are pretty good - but that IS an old one, its worst feature being its puny "Xmax" (0.5mm) which limits it to just 1/2 watt of power (even in a 0.04cf vented box).
    In the same size box (w/a 3/4"d x 6" long port tube) Dayton's ND65-8 can take 8w of power (3.5mm Xmax), and even though it's less efficient, at that power it'll still play at least twice as loud (+14dB louder at 80Hz), AND it'll reach down to 60Hz. You may not even need a sub.

    If you're not using the WinISD "Pro", try it. You can see many more things there, like max power, cone excursion, port velocities and more.