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Using DOSBox to Run an Old Woofer Tester

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  • Using DOSBox to Run an Old Woofer Tester

    Hello Music Lovers....I'm trying to use DOSBox to run an old Woofer Tester.....When I say old...I mean old.....One of the first ones produced.....Vintage cerca 1995. It still works great, but my old 486 that I have always used it on is being worked on.....I also have LMS in that computer.....But I digress.....Anyway, I have gotten the software to run, but it can't find the Woofer Tester, which was peripheral connected via serial port. Has anybody out there done this? Any help would be very much appreciated. This old unit will always have a special place in my heart and I'm anxious to get it back in service.-Rusty

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    Win95 or 98 on VirtualBox might be a better bet, but that is speculation.
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      Did you set the serial port in dosbox.conf


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        Devnull...No I haven't yet....I have no idea what to set them to...I was hoping someone on here would know what the settings for the Woofer Tester are. I'm no computer whiz...That's for sure. I'm really just getting started on trying to figure this thing out. To complicate matters my laptop doesn't have a serial port and I'm using a usb to serial port adapter. Thanks for the link. I've watched enough tutorials on YouTube to know that DOSBox is highly adaptable. Also thanks Johnny for the tip...If this course doesn't pan out I might look into your suggestion.


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          I'm sure the 20+ year old jig is great, but I would suggest that instead of getting a headache trying to get it to work on a modern computer, you could assemble a jig that just simply works with a modern computer.

          This can be used with any computer that has a soundcard, use with LIMP or REW for free software. Resistor in the range of 10 to 100 Ohm will work, just measure it and use the measured value to calibrate the jig. There's a sticky here for "LIMP jig" as well as plenty of other info online if you want to know more.
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            Dcibel, thanks for the info....I didn't know anything like this was out there. I guess that's what I get for not coming around here more often. It's amazing that this hobby keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. If I don't have any luck getting the "Woofer Test" to gee and haw, I will definitely look into the "LIMP jig"......Awesome!! I could also bite the bullet and simple buy the DATS setup,,.;)