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Speedster build to replace soundbar?

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  • Speedster build to replace soundbar?

    I'm about 95% done with my Classix II build and I really enjoy the way they sound, (even with the screwup of making it 15.5L instead of 15L) but the WAF is near zero due to the size.

    I measured, and something like Paul C's speedsters would be about as big as I can go for a replacement to our soundbar. However, I'm wondering how they'd do in a situation where they're not "nearfield?"

    The room they'd go in has tile floors and a 5' x 7' rug. It's 13' wide by 11' deep. Speakers would be proper height sitting on the TV console, and would be about 8' away from us.

    We typically listen to TV around the 65db mark, and wouldn't add a sub. Do you think the speedsters would work in this situation?

    I really enjoyed building the Classix, but I think they're going to turn into garage speakers... So I'm really looking for something smaller that would still sound as nice as them. Maybe with a little more relaxed bass, and a little brighter high end... but honestly size is key for WAF.

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    Thats not very loud so you'll probably be fine. Although tiny the speedster is a full baffle step design and should not be placed too close to walls. I tried to use them nearfield on my desk which is against a wall and found the lowend a little much, when placed on stand a couple of feet from any boundary they sound full and very nice. If I were to try out some small speakers I'd try the revolutions with the satori mid.


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      I'd have about a foot of clearance behind them for the port, not sure if that's enough though... I've seen people recommending everything from 3" to 3'

      I tried looking for the revolutions above, but only came up with a $1k+ kit, so I'm not sure if that's the correct one or not

      I was looking to spend around $300 in parts, so the speedsters fall right in with that. Doesn't have to be a kit though. I was thinking about trying some kerf bending for the cabinet for more WAF, so I wouldn't use the original baffle anyways.


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        Speedsters kits are available with or without flat pack and/or baffle, or just order all the parts.

        Do you think you could hide a small subwoofer from your wife? That would allow even smaller L/R.


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          Yeah, if I go the speedster route I'll probably just end up buying all the parts individually from here.

          I definitely could hide a subwoofer if we're talking like 6" or 6.5" driver size. However, if I'm being honest, I've had very limited Hifi listening experience, and I've never liked any of the subs I've heard paired with bookshelf speakers. Granted these were all $100 - $200 10" - 12" store bought models.

          The whole reason I'm trying to get rid of the soundbar now is because of the sub it comes paired with. It drones so much that voices are near inaudible.


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            If you hear the sub it's not adjusted properly.


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              With regards to our soundbar, that's the issue, there is no adjustment. It's just a cheap little set we've had for quite awhile that I've wanted to replace.

              All of the others have not been mine, so I didn't really have the opportunity to tinker with the crossover to help it blend in.. though I wasn't sure if it would blend as the Polk ones were overly "boomy" and not "punchy" if that makes any sense..

              When you were talking about adding a small sub, were you talking about something DIY or off the shelf? Something like Overnight Sensations or C-Notes + a small sub?


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                Since you asked, I just got my second DSP250 8" sub kit from PE. It's very small with a DSP amp that controls quite a bit. There's a video link off the product page, IIRC. I recommend it. On sale, the vids are on the amp page. This would go with a lot of very small L/R speakers.

                Powered Dayton Audio 8" 250 Watt Compact Subwoofer Kit with Built-In DSP

                Dayton Audio SPA250DSP 250W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier with DSP


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                  Still, the Speedster pair might be fine for you. Fairly small, lots of bass for their size.


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                    Oh wow, that sub kit is pretty nice. I like the really small footprint.

                    I'll revisit cabinet sizes with the wife to make sure we're on the same page. If the Speedsters are on the borderline, then I really like the idea of using that sub and putting together a smaller L/R like the OS or C-Notes.

                    Thanks again for your help!


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                      Just an FYI, I recently did a soundbar design , called Bar-Gain. You can find it on this forum, or in the Project Gallery on the PE website. Maybe this will help in your search.
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                        A sub would allow really small L/R like the quarks.


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                          Do a little google searching for reviews on the Speedsters. There are some (not sure if they are here at Tech-Talk or somewhere else) that mention the sweet spot (due to the ribbon tweeter) is very narrow. I'm not saying anything bad about them, I have a pair in the closet to build and even the reviews that complain about the narrow sweet spot are positive otherwise. While a narrow sweet spot may or may not be an issue for music listening is certain rooms, I would think it would be more of a problem in a sound-bar situation.

                          Maybe others on here with more experience than me can share their opinion on this.


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                            Originally posted by djg View Post
                            A sub would allow really small L/R like the quarks.
                            For "really small" L/R speakers the Quarks and Heliums are both quite popular, which reminded me that Scott Sehlin has the Helium Soundbar in the project gallery. The fact that Wolf's Bar-Gain and Scott's Helium soundbar are specifically designed as soundbars might be an advantage in terms of off-axis listening compared to building one from an existing design that was designed for bookshelf speakers.


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                              It's petty, but I'm just not really a fan of the woofers on the Quarks.. The Heliums look fantastic though, I hadn't seen those before.

                              I'm really starting to like the idea of using those and hiding a small sub nearby.

                              Just to confirm though, with making modifications to the cabinet you're OK to change height and depth, but not width correct? If I made them a tiny bit larger i could just extend the port to keep the same tuning?