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Speedster build to replace soundbar?

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    If the drivers are not moved out of position as designed, then that would be a yes. Going to a Soundbar likely involves use of the drivers in a TM rotated on their sides, and this changes a lot, as well as boundary proximity in the room adjacent to walls or the entertainment center.

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      Originally posted by Mhugh003 View Post
      Just to confirm though, with making modifications to the cabinet you're OK to change height and depth, but not width correct? If I made them a tiny bit larger i could just extend the port to keep the same tuning?
      You can also make them a little larger but add some extra wood to the interior to keep the interior volume exactly as designed. That way the port is unchanged and you are getting the sound the designer intended. If the changes are "tiny" or "small" it may not matter, but some of these speakers are very small to begin with so what might seem like a small change may increase interior volume by 50%.


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        Another small speaker I would recommend, out of stock right now.

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          Scott Sehlin has other small designs besides the Helium. Since you want to build your own cabinets.

          Sehlin Sound Solutions


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            These are nice, same size as Quarks, Heliums, Passive Aggressives.

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              These are all awesome! Thanks for putting in the time to show me some more builds. All of the above drivers look really nice aesthetically as well, and would be pretty easy to build the cabinets needed.

              When I get a chance I'm going to make a 3D mock-up out of paper for these to see which would work for the WAF.

              I'm betting one of the micromonitors will get picked, but that'll give me an excuse to work on a small sub for the first time.


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                Originally posted by djg View Post
                I know you have/built quite a few sets. How do these stack up on your list?


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                  Originally posted by Jake View Post

                  I know you have/built quite a few sets. How do these stack up on your list?
                  They sound as good as any of the small TMs I have built.

                  Edit: In a 2.1 system. Nearfield PC. I can't speak to comparative bass performance, I always have a sub.