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Best exciter for in-(behind)wall

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  • Best exciter for in-(behind)wall

    the wife is unhappy with little speakers everywhere and I want to go back to a simple stereo or 2.1 setup. Which exciter is best for mounting behind the drywall? Thoughts? Has anyone done this and been happy with it? (It’ll double as a stereo HT)

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      So do you mean mounting the exciter directly on to the dry wall itself and using the dry wall as the panel? Or using a different/separate panel and mounting it into the wall?

      There is a reason why most people do not use dry wall as there panel material simply because it does not sound good....the other option would be to use a different panel material and mount that into the wall.

      If your gear can handle a 4ohm load then this is one of the best if not the best exciter>
      Dayton Audio DAEX25SHF-4 Steered High Flux 25mm Exciter 20W 4 Ohm

      For 8ohm load I would use this>
      TEAX25C10-8/SP 25 mm

      Good sounding panel materials include Expanded Polystyrene and Extruded Polystyrene and the more costly honeycomb material made of paper, aluminum, and Kevlar/Nomex.

      For more info you can read up on the DIY flat panel speaker love thread.


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        Thanks Unbiasedsound, that’s what I was looking for, and yes, this will probably be mounted directly to the back of the drywall. It’s a compromise, I know.


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          You can have the best of both worlds if you use EPS and mount it in wall and paint over it to match your wall color so no one will ever know the speakers are there. Something similar like this>


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            The link in that YouTube doesn’t work, and other similar products are very expensive. Do you have an affordable product that’s available in the USA?


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              Try this link

              Home Depot has those pink 2ft.X2ft.X1inch XPS panels that are pretty cheap around 5 bucks per panel.



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                You could also ask your local market stores that sell fruits (grapes) that come in those EPS aka Styrofoam boxes which you can get for free as most stores discard them....I use to get my EPS that way for free until my state decided to ban EPS Styrofoam due to environmental reasons.....just more excuses to take away our freedom. SMDH.....America land of the free just as long as you follow our 12 billion rules. LOL