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It’s that time audio enthusiasts! Registration for the 2019 Speaker Design Competition is now open! Visit for details and to list your speaker project. We are excited to see all returning participants, and look forward to meeting some new designers this year, as well! Be sure your plans include a visit to the Parts Express Tent Sale for the lowest prices of the year, and the Audio Swap Meet where you can buy and trade with other audio fans. We hope to see you this summer! Vivian and Jill
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The Defiants - InDIYana 2019 Build

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  • I'll be in the <$200 with the both of you with my Zingers...
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    • Cool looking speakers Keith!


      • Originally posted by PWR RYD View Post
        Cool looking speakers Keith!
        Thanks Craig! It was a blast putting these together!
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        The Defiants - InDIYana 2019 "Bare Minimum" Build


        • Originally posted by KEtheredge87 View Post
          Wogg... I can't quite decide what category I should enter into. I handily fall into the under $200 category with only $87 in drivers ($100 if you count the waveguide). The All-Dayton category could in theory have someone showing up with a giant WMTMW with 8's and 10's and whatnot, which would be an odd comparison to a 2-way bookshelf design. I know it's about sound quality... but I tend to think people listen to music with their eyes more than their ears sometimes.
          I just figured out that I have a family reunion that weekend. I'd ditch them for MWAF but this part of the family only gets together every 5 years-ish. Kinda disappointed...
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          • Originally posted by KEtheredge87 View Post
            As-expected, the PETT forum software won't allow me to post my full write-up directly because the filesize is over 2MB. Instead, I have a google drive link where you all can view my writeup by clicking below. You'll have to trust that I'm not going to rick-roll you ;)

            The Defiants - InDIYana 2019 Bare Minimum Competition - Final Writeup

            So what's next from here? I will be doing some vertical off-axis measurements to accompany the horizontal off-axis measurements that I detail in the report. I will also be doing some A-B testing with an additional 1.5ohm resistor after the 20uF capacitor in the LF circuit to control the woofer knee. I tend to like relaxed midranges, and the current 5 part XO measures much more flat than relaxed. I don't find the current XO objectionable at all with 5 parts... I just think it might be that much better with a 6th component. Time will tell.

            Otherwise, these bad boys will be going to Midwest Audio Fest in July! I hope to see you guys there!

            Thank you so much for following along with my build and learning with me. The interactions are what make the build logs all worth it.

            - Keith
            Wow. Cool 36 page pdf write up. Good looking horizontal polars, CSD and toneburst plots. Very detailed. Must have taken a long time to put this all together! Good job!

            So, looks like we are all getting ready for a re-match in Springboro! I will be in the <$200 category as well.
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