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2 way near field needed.

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  • 2 way near field needed.

    I haven't built any speakers in a long time. The only ones I have left are a set of Overnight Sensations I use on my desk that double duty as pc near field mains and front for my Home Theater in my office. And the do the job very well.

    My 27" gaming monitor is directly underneath my 40" 4k tv.

    That being said, I just pulled the trigger on a Yamaha Adventage with 7.2 / 95 watts per channel

    As much as I love my O/S speakers I would like to take a step up . I will probably put the OS into surround duty. I dont use a center channel. I have a to fill the low end. What diy speakers plan out there are gonna fit my needs? Looking for a 2 way, desktop that can handle a little more power , must be good near field.

    that South American Jungle named site has a HiVi - DIY 2.2A – 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Kit - Braced Wooden Cabinet - Pair – Black – 2-Year… $219.99 , but I have a feeling that the amassed knowledge on this board could probable point me in the right direction.

    I can make sawdust in my garage so I dont necessarily need precut cabinets.

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    Some old stuff

    Lou's Speaker Site


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      "From a well known designer"

      Tasha - near field monitor - Techtalk Speaker Building, Audio, Video Discussion Forum


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        Speedsters (controversial)

        S2000, S2000 MTM


        Continuum II, Viva Voce


        Revolution (pricey)

        I could go on.


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          Sehlin Sound Solutions


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            Lots of people here have designs that haven't "hit the bigtime" and get little recognition.

            Wolf might drop in and suggest one of his projects.


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              I use the Tashas as my nearfield monitors. Very nice design. You might look up Revelations by Jeff Bagby. Continuums with Morel tweeter.


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                I built the Tashas in the ported version OKd by Johnny Richards and am very impressed by them. A big step up from my OS and affordable too.


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                  I built the Revolutions (soft cone version) and am very happy w them.
                  Cost me $500 in drivers and crossover though. Depends on your budget.

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