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Nd65-4 query

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  • Nd65-4 query

    Guys, I know a few of you have used these before, with the ones that have used an enclosure of 0.05-0.07cuft, how did it sound? Did you achieve bass or was it more crisp sound that was the goal?

    I'm hoping it is the board, but my 0.065cuft enclosures just aren't cutting it for me...didn't really hear much bass at all...and there was even some distortion.

    Maybe I spoiled myself using the cheaper tectonics to a larger box, or I expected too much from a tiny driver, who knows.

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    Have you tried using a generic hifi amp? I do not know what board you are using right now, but it is definitely usefull to make sure that the amp is not the culprit.


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      i will have to wait, got 2 kids under 5 and they are in bed i swapped over the DTA-2 board with a new one and at low volume it sounded slightly better, but wont know until i can turn it up enough. I may have damaged the old board un hot gluing it from my last setup. i definitely know i stuffed the pot.


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        Change of the amp was better, even adjustment to the port length worked, but still these little things are struggling with anything over half volume without distortion when there is bass with an EQ. Pretty disappointed with these in this my attempt in this application. I don't think resizing a box will eliminate the distortion, so last ditched effort will be to try a 3/4 port then followed by trying without the BSC and then if still unhappy mothballing this project


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          Ok, i've tried changing the port lengths, size, trying EQ settings, turning the EQ off on the source and even removing the BSC from the setup and i've diagnosed my issue......i didn't pick the right driver for the application.

          They would make a great little driver if i stopped anything under maybe 100-150hz with the random styles of music i listen to can really make them distort and i think would really benefit from a mid or sub woofer to do all the heavy lifting. so unless i can figure the best way to try this without spending a fortune i would say i could be abandoning this venture with the mini boom box. I do have a cheapo 2.1 fleabay amp (which is pretty average) i could try use with a 3 or 4inch as the sub, but really dont want to pull apart any of my other projects ..... decisions, decisions.....


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            I think this is your driver to beat right now for a cheap sub add-on:
            Dayton Audio TCP115-4 4" Treated Paper Cone Midbass Woofer 4 Ohm


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              Just going to go out on a limb here, i've ordered my bits



              going to throw a cap and inductor on the ND65's to stop them going to low and mount the TEBM on the bottom (or rear) and use it as a poor mans sub. I know from experience with these that it can be tuned to 60hz in a vented 0.15 and 0.18cuft box and the modelling would indicate a 0.12cuft box will work as well. The Amp has a low pass filter on the 0.1 channel, so will cross my fingers and hope it works. I put the TCP into WiniSD and it just didnt graph as well for me as the TEBM did and i've been extremely happy with my last two builds. Bit stuck retro fitting my current box hence the under mounting idea, no idea how that will actually sound.

              Time to sit back and enjoy the popcorn.