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Weights for Passive radiator

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  • Weights for Passive radiator

    I'm thinking about using a PR in a small subwoofer project and haven't used one of these before. The product description for the Dayton PR DSA 215-rp8 (part 295-549) states - " convenient M5 threaded hole (screw included) allows different types of weights to be added if desired." What type of weights would these be? --something designed specifically for this PR or just something like common washers stacked up to provide additional weight?


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    Typically just a stack of washers, I think they even come with some but haven't seen one to confirm. The main concern is that you don't over-weight it, there's only so much you can add. There are some other threads on here talking about weight and Xmax guidelines for PR's.
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      Every Dayton PR I've bought has had a stack of basically fender washers with it. Determining PR weight is part of the design process.