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Measurement software recommendations

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  • Measurement software recommendations

    In the past, I've used ARTA for measurement and have been reasonably satisfied with it. I've basically used it for FR measurement in demo mode. Now, I'm starting to take measurements after a hiatus of about 5 years and I'm wondering if there's anything else worth trying. If not, I'll probably purchase a license.

    One thing I should probably learn to do is take distortion measurements. Is ARTA good for that?

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    I use HolmImpulse. It's freeware, does FR, phase and THD.


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      ARTA does distortion too. I believe the various free measurement setups will all get you similar results, it'll come down to what you're familiar with. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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        I like Room EQ Wizard. But have used HolmImpulse and ARTA in the past too.


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          With ARTA you can also use LIMP to get impedance measurements
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            I like the ARTA distortion measurements a lot. IIRC, you can display the distortion in percentage terms.

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              Arta is really good. I'm not sure if there's any better until you step up to an measurement platform with associated hardware like clio or whatever.

              Be sure to get the latest version of arta, it does get updates from time to time.

              Rew is nice to have ocassiooccas but that's free of course.


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                REW can also do impedance and distortion measurements. It get's updated often.
                Oh and it also does room simulation.


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                  ^ REW really is amazing, especially at Free.

                  Being open to a mix of free and paid packages works best for me / at this noob stage.

                  Using the below combo I've found to be a really nice set of powerful tools that'll let me skim along the surface until I'm ready to deep dive some other aspect, and then they provide extreme depth and capability to the chosen aspect mostly.

                  REW +
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