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One off retro build

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  • One off retro build

    Decided to build a one off retro speaker using some vintage drivers that I got on EBay. The enclosure is approximately 9mm and 12mm birch ply wood with 0.7 inch beech battens and measures about 7.5 by 6.5 by 12. The woofer is from 1974 but appears in very good shape except I reglued the surround. I think the tweeter is from the early 80s and has an alnico magnet. I had to replace the voice coil which had paper former and failed glue. I ordered a polyamide one from France that was designed for this tweeter. There quite a bit info on this tweeter in the vintage section of Troels Graveson’s web sight. Any guesses on the drivers? Both companies are business today but sell finished speakers only for one of the companies. I really have to stop reading about vintage speakers and stay off EBay.

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    Something British probably?


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      Originally posted by Billet View Post
      Something British probably?
      Yes it is. The enclosure pretty much built to the LS3/5a specs but with mixed 9mm and 13mm birch plywood walls with beech battens. The original LS3/5 had 19mm walls and the LS3/5a had 12mm walls. I am using a KEF B110 and a Celestion HF1300 tweeter. The crossover is based on the LS3/5a. Hope to have it running this week.


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        I used the B110 in a t-line built in the 70's IIRC. Pretty impressive amount of bass put out by it. I believe it was the Daline B110 enclosure that appeared in Speaker Builder way back when.


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          B110/T27 was the highend combo in Sweden in the 70ies.

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