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Shout out to Dayton/PE

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  • Shout out to Dayton/PE

    Well nice weather this week in S. Jersey so started on some yard work. Have my daughters possible mother in law coming in from Israel this week. Being the president of
    procrastinators united I left my outdoor/pool speakers out for the winter. I usually store them in the shed and criticize my friends for not doing the same. Anyhow when I started
    raking tried the outdoor speaks, DIY sub with the Dayton 100W amp probably 15yrs. old fired right up with some buyout sats. and sounded great. The sub has the NLA series II
    10" sub probably 12yrs. old. Go Dayton wish the Series II were still around, I believe Eminence built them.

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    I had built some monkey coffins with the 15” series ii, those were great drivers