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Best place to mount a.....

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  • Best place to mount a.....

    Guys I'm attempting to salvage my last failed build by including a small driver as a dodgy sub, I was originally intending to leave the ports forward facing and recess/uundermount the driver. Would this cause any problems considering it will be almost covered 24/7, would I need to router a few tracks in for it to breathe or just bite the bullet and front/rear mount which would be a rebuild of.the enclosure.

    The driver will have a low pass filter at 150hz according to the amp, so not sure if it will muffle or not worry with that lower frequency

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    As a reference...sorry had to use Photoshop on the phone which isn't very good..

    Front mounting the would require a re build as the panel is glued on and those pesky port holes are there.
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      Is this a FAST style design? What size woofer do you have in mind? What drivers are in place and their size.
      Will a TCP115-4 or 8 fit, has small vas.
      DIY NY/NJ 2014
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        nope not a fast style, im using a TEBM as a woofer and have ordered the 2.1 HIFI amp from PE, so fully intend to have it on the 0.1 channel. i know i can get some good performance out of that driver in anything from 0.12cuft to 0.18cuft and get a good bass note, just never used that amp before. i'm also putting the ND65's in a sealed enclosure.

        complete trial and error approach on this one.


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          Low passed at 150Hz it doesn't matter which way the driver faces.


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            Originally posted by billfitzmaurice View Post
            Low passed at 150Hz it doesn't matter which way the driver faces.
            ​​​​​​Good to hear, I was worried that facing down would muffle it., Thanks