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Help with a variation on Pete S. 3Way Peerless Design

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    I did make quite a few changes to the crossover and I'll have to post it later...not perfect yet though. Some frequencies are perfectly solid in the center when doing dual mono pink noise test tracks but some others are defuse. You can also tell this when listening to voices as the entire voice isn't perfectly centered. Mostly though, these are the best speakers I have made or own! Soundstage width can be wall to wall when recording allows for it. Image depth is pretty good but I suspect it'll get even better with better amps - running the Akitika GT101 Chip amp now. Bass is solid down to 40Hz or so, still benefits from a subwoofer. The impact from the three 6.5 drivers though is very nice, it greatly adds to the reproduction of music. I find myself unable to listen to bookshelf speakers anymore lol.