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    Moving into a new house, and will not have a lot of time to set up a living room music, so I wanted something quick & easy (I hope). I have receivers and stereo amps, players, streamers, etc already, so just speakers I need help with. I have 3 x Def Tech UIW RLS II inwalls that I no longer wish to use as inwalls. I was thinking of mounting these on a baffle of approximately 9"" wide and building a plinth to mount them on for LCR combo, These units are completely sealed, so a quick and easy solution, with the proper baffle width. Then i started thinking about bass>>>>, so I would like some ideas on the following:

    1. Keep the RLS II units and build bass bin for them.. Something along the lines of the Paul Carmody Sunflower speaker. Use the other RLSII for a center channel (ie: horizontal on a baffle)

    2. Build the RLS II unit into a FAST/WAW enclosure with a helping larger woofer, again using extra RLSII for center channel.

    3. Build the RLSII on the plinths as in opening paragraph, and add remote subwoofer or subwoofers.

    4. Tear the RLSII apart, and build a brand new design, with the hope of enhancing then output of the drivers and PR's (larger PR's, more box volume, etc).

    Note: I do have some other small speakers I can use while thinking about these Def Tech units, so I will not be without music. I also have some Dayton drivers waiting for some projects (Peds or similar, and a larger version of Tritrix or the Sunflowers), once I have my workshop set up.

    Looking forward to your comments and ideas, as I am just getting started on my journey into audio creation. I think this is why #4 appeals so much, as we all try to build a better mousetrap. I thank you for your time to help me.

    Myles McDonald

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    I would imagine the inwalls are voiced to be used ... in the wall and might sound a bit bass shy, among other things, if mounted sans wall reinforcement. May be just as easy as playing around with eq in the receiver. Do you like the sound of the deftecs?


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      Thanks for the reply. These have never been out of the box. I just know that in walls or on walls will never fly with the wife in the living room. I am looking more towards 2 speakers, one each on the sides of an audio stand, with a CC on top of the audio stand. I can make it easy as in the opening paragraph, just to see how they sound, and then decide on what to do with them in the future. If I mount on a baffle, would a 9" or 10" baffle be adequate.


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        My wife would be ecstatic if the speakers were in the wall and not sticking half way into the room ... all 3 big a$$ pairs of them. Are you able to install them in the wall and cover them with something resembling artwork? That would make them all but disappear. I've seen pics of exciters mounted on panels (think dml panels) where someone had an artistic hand and they looked like really nice pieces of art hanging on the wall.

        My $.02 is that an inch is not going to make much difference to a speaker designed to mount in-wall.

        Something like the Sunflower would be pretty neat. Simple 1"x10" to mount deftecs onto and a side mounted sd215a-88 in a small sealed box as the base. Do not like their flimsy stamped frame but they are cheap, play above their <$30 price tag and should play high enough in frequency to blend well with the deftec.

        Personally, I wouldn't tear the deftecs apart.


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          I understand about the WAF aspect of inwalls. I might want to try the baffle concept first. If they sound OK, then maybe work on the inwall concept. Although the speaker was designed to be inwall, the speaker was deigned to be sealed, and then put inwall. In otherwords, it was designed to just another sealed speaker that would not be bothered by mounting inwall.



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            From their picture, it looked like they were already sealed?

            I listened to a couple deftecs models a long time ago and they sounded pretty good, although I am sure things could have changed over the years, it would be a shame to tear them apart just to scavenge the drivers.


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              Thanks for all the help Kornbread. Members on the DIY audio forum are encouraging leaving them as inwalls also. I may get the wife do something artistic around the TV, so the inwalls would look hidden. No use taking this thread any farther.


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                I wanted to ask if the wall surrounding inwalls has to be smooth. I was thinking of installing the inwalls on a wall covered with faux rock (fake rock), or a rustic wall made out of wood discs of different sizes that are attached together on the wall surface. Not sure what effect this might have on the sound, so thought I would ask if anyone has experience with this.


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                  I'm wondering if a broken up wall surface, instead of a flat sheet of sheetrock, might improve the sound.


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                    I have googled this, and It seems like people are more interested in the look of the inwalls than the sound effects. I have heard no negative posts as toward the sound with inwalls above a fire place on faux stone, or rock, or dry wall. I may want to try this underneath a large flat panel or a projection screen, as I will have a fairly wide wall to build on. Need more info on this before committing the wall to a permanent sound.



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                      Since they are sealed, will you be mounting them inside or onto the wall? I would fashion a temporary mount/stand/whatever it takes to hold them flat against the wall, and place them where intended, then sit where you suspect the viewing are will be, grab a refreshing beverage and listen to some good tunes. Experiment with different placement of speakers and seating. If you feel like going further, get some measurement gear (mostly free) and have at it.


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                        I will be mounting them in the wall, so the front of the speaker will be flush with the drywall, or whatever wall covering we decide on. Thanks for the help. I like the idea of grabbing a beverage and propping the speakers close to the wall to see what the sound stage might be like.


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                          That's what it's all about, enjoying the music.


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                            Since we are building a house, I am thinking of getting a leftover sheet of drywall, and mounting the speakers in it as a test. I will support the drywall in the living room and give it the music test. Thanks for all the help KB.


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                              From experience, if you are going to mess with gypsum board (what most call drywall) it has a white chalk-like inner that will crumble and fall onto the floor where it then gets turned back into powder which then gets tracked everywhere. It can be a pain to clean out of carpet. Just a heads up.

                              Since they are supposed to fit in the wall, they can't be much over 4"deep plus whatever sticks out in front. If it were me, I'd build a simple H-frame from 2xs to hold the speakers and set them against the wall. It would be easier to move, not as much dust to clean up, and I doubt ~4"+ would make much difference in sound. I'm thinking you will hear a much larger difference from speaker/listener placement than from them not being flush in the wall.

                              Keep in mind, below a certain frequency, bass wraps around a normal speaker (has all this math stuff to do with the lengths of frequencies and such) . It doesn't really do this with in-walls mounted in the wall, so they might sound bass shy if mounted on small sheets of drywall and sitting several feet in front of the wall. People tune their speakers by adjusting distances from boundaries. I don't think 4" would make much difference, but a foot or more ...

                              While you are building the house is a very good time to install speaker wire, hdmi runs, extra outlets, etc.

                              Just my $.02, YMMV