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  • SIM nuts!

    So I have no measuring gear right now so I figured I'd give you guys a challenge as I know some of you like to sim things. The challenge is a HIVI m8a and a Tang band W4 1337sdf in a FAST (full range assisted) design.
    The box is 10 inches wide 36 inches tall. The upper chamber is roughly .25cuft and the lower chamber is about 1.5 tuned to around 30hz if I remember right.
    Let me know if I forgot anything and have fun!
    Also I will be trying this out more than likely as the drivers and boxes already exist.

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    I'm in Fort Wayne this weekend but can measure them another weekend.
    John H

    Synergy Horn, SLS-85, BMR-3L, Mini-TL, BR-2, Titan OB, B452, Udique, Vultus, Latus1, Seriatim, Aperivox,Pencil Tower


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      I can do frequency measurements but my woofer tester is dead and it will be a while before I can get a chance to modify the boxes to measure the frequency response. I may still have some files on the m8a but it won't match as far as levels go because I didn't take note of how much power was sent. The zma would still be good though. Don't think I measured the Tang band ever though.


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        I whipped this up:
        for W4, a 2nd order HP w/L-pad + 2nd order LP (to push down top octave rise):
        15uF series cap, 3.0mH shunt coil (DCR non-critical), 0.25mH series coil, 2uF shunt cap, "L": SR=6n(ohms) / PR=10n (negative polarity is indicated)
        LP - tanked 2nd order: 5mH (low DCR) series coil w/a 33uF shunt cap (to gnd). Across the coil (in parallel w/it) a 4n resistor + a 1uF cap

        runs around 83dB w/full BSC. Fc near 600-700Hz. +/- 3-1/2dB above 7k (on-axis) due to W4 curve.