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Full range isobaric setup

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  • Full range isobaric setup

    Peeps, I don't know how many frequent diyaudio who are on here, or if anyone is familiar with the boominator. I personally like the concept but not the phsyical size.​​​​ It made me wonder in lieu of the 2 way originally done, could this concept be modified using a smaller full range driver. As I currently have 5 TEBM65'S, I modelled these drivers in this configuration (which would wired in parallel as well), looks like it would be able to hit 60hz in a 0.07cuft box and have a 20mm port about 3inches long.

    What's the general view out there? Worth a crack as an experiment?

    Edit....this is one of many boominators, not the original, but enough to understand the concept

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    Above a certain frequency determined by the distance between the drivers, they no longer mutually couple which I would expect to adversely affect high frequency performance. I wouldn't recommend it.
    "I just use off the shelf textbook filters designed for a resistor of 8 ohms with
    exactly a Fc 3K for both drivers, anybody can do it." -Xmax


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      The Boominator you linked to is NOT isobaric.
      IF you DID go iso w/the TEBMs, your box model looks okay; of course, it wouldn't play in "360*", and you'd lose some of the box's proposed "smallness" by using some kind of "tunnel" to nest the drivers. I'll bet that you'd end up w/nearly 0.14cf per side (equivalent) by the time you were done (making the iso idea pretty much a non-starter).


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        Cheers for the input. The more I read through the pages the more I agree with it isn't actually an iso. If it had another chamber on the back that the rear fires into, yes maybe.

        not sure what the boominator is, looks sweet and sounds like it would perform pretty good, but it's a bit too big for my liking and I already have a boom box that has 0.15cu.ft enclosures so even trying the above isn't worth it in my eyes