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  • MoZi Sub and Mozi Mini

    Just waiting for the baffles to come back from the CNC shop and I will update the original post for the MoZi R/L. Since these are small sealed two way speakers, I am planning to use a sub with them. The overall setup will be a 3.2. I have tried a couple of sub designs and was even hoping to use Wolf's bandpass sub as it was small and reached deep. But, being a sealed design I am probably going to have to cross these at 80-100hz.

    First design is the MoZi sub:
    1.7cf encllosure
    UM10-22 Sub
    RSS315 PR with (4) 75g weights added
    Powered by the BASH300 amp
    F3 20hz

    MoZi Mini
    1.0cf enclosure
    UM8-22 Sub
    RSS315 PR with (3) 75g weights added
    Powered by the BASH300 amp
    F3 27hz

    I really had to move things around a bit to fit the UM8-22, RSS315 PR, and BASH300 amp inside a 1cf enclosure, but I think it will all fit!

    I have all the pieces cut for the UM10-22. I hope to start putting that together this weekend.

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    I have 4 sides of the MoZi sub glued up. Internal bracing was a little tricky trying to incorporate the PR and a rear mounted UM22-10, but press fit worked out. The one shot is through the hole of the RSS315 PR. I have 4 sides of the MoZi Mini sub being glued up right now. I hope to have one of each done this weekend.
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      The Enclosures are being glued up. This is the UM8-22. Everything will work, but not sure how I messed up on some the the bracing measurements. It was definitely tight trying to fit the BASH amp, 12" PR and UM8 all in a 1cf box, but I think it is going to work well


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        The cabinet looks really well built and well braced. Is the MoZi sub an existing design? Yeah, it can be tough to fit everything in there sometimes. Looks like it will turn out real nice!

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        *Part 2 *Gluing multiple curved laminations of HDF *Cello's Speaker Project Page

        *Building the "Micro-B 2.1 Plate Amplifier -- Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * * Part 5 'Review' * -- Assembly Instructions PDF


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          MoZi (pronounced Mo-"Z") is a 2-way project using the AST2560 and the Satori 6.5" in a sealed 0.3cf cab. Center channel is an MTM in 0.6. Pete S. has finished the XO for the R/L, and just finishing up with the center. These subs are meant to go with that design for a 3.2 setup. The AST2560 is rear mounted with a 1" deep waveguide, and that has caused some annoyance with getting the baffles done, but I have finally got that resolved and the file off to the CNC shop. There will be an update on that build thread soon, hopefully within the next week. It has been about a year now and excited that they are finally coming together!