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    I am trying to decide on a DIY design for what will eventually be a full 5.1 system. Whatever I choose will ideally have a matching center/surround. I already have a PSA S3611 Subwoofer so Im good in the bass department. Every design I like seems to either not have a matching center, no surrounds, or uses NLA parts.

    I really like the Khanspires/Khancenter/Inkhaneato, but they use the RS28 tweeter that is discontinued. I also like The statements, but I will need a design with more flexible placement options. The towers will need to be 12" or closer to the wall. I considered the finalists, but the finalist center is too wide to fit in the space I have. I also looked at the ER18MTM design, but there are no matching surrounds. Would the micro statements match up with them? They use the same tweeter as the ER18's.

    Any suggestions? I will be using them for about 80% movies 20% music. Also, my room is fairly large and open with 10' celings so I will need something that is appropriately sized.


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    Any DIY design than has both a TM and MTM variation. Use 2 MTMs as left and right, either on stands or built as towers. One MTM horizontally as center. Two TMs for surround.
    There are a lot of TM/MTM designs.

    Apollo TM/MTM comes to mind.


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      I thought it wasnt as simple as tuning a speaker sideways without changing crossovers, especially 2.5 way designs.


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        MTMs are usually 2 way. TMM may be 2.5 way.

        The horizontal MTM is not ideal for sound, but it's preferred for aesthetics. A different crossover for the one turned horizontally is rare, since it's not going to be optimal anyways. The center MTM vertically is what you would do if you didn't care about aesthetics.

        As you noticed, complete 5.0 systems with a designed center like the statements are rare also.

        Overnight Sensations come in all of the varieties - tower, MTM, TM, dedicated center, etc.


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          The overnight sensations are really tempting, but I was looking for something a little more "high-end".


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            What about Micro Statements all around since you had already been considering them for surrounds anyways?
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              Paul Carmody's S2000 TM and MTM. I have them. Same size as Overnight Sensations, very much better components. "Play really loud", carbon fiber woofer, Wavecor tweeter.

              This well designed, coherent, well documented and all Parts Express sourced system. I trot this out every month or so but no one ever gives it any notice. Same guy as your in khan neatos. Really, take a few minutes and look past the ugly brown cabs.

              diVine Audio | Ochocinco


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                The s2000's look interesting.... The S2000 MTM would work well Horizontally? Im just trying to wrap my head around the idea of a bookshelf speaker. I had originally wanted a tower simply because I would have to buy/build some stands and they really wouldnt save me any space. How would the Helix Dome MTM's compare? They seem similar.


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                  One thing you should add is your budget.
                  You mentioned Statements, which did make be think the Overnight Sensations may be less than you want (and why I mentioned the Swopes). I know djg has the S2000's and really likes them, but if your budget is 5x that, then there are probably a LOT of options for you to consider

                  Also, if you are going for pretty high-quality and 80% movies, consider a second subwoofer in your budget.


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                    I would say that I am trying to keep it under $1000 per pair. $700 or so being the sweet-spot for me. I plan on adding a second sub at somepoint but tbh, the single s3601 isnt really lacking. I have it connected to an Anti-mode 8033S-II to help smooth out response. My current towers are Definitive Technology BP8040's and the matching center/surrounds. Whatever I build would ideally be better. As for the swopes, I thought the HIVI drivers in those are NLA. Also, the Apollo's are out of stock and have been for quite some time.


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                      The Helix domes are much bigger and more expensive than the two items I suggested. You should shoot an email to Erich H at diysg. He's heard them all and is very helpful and quick to respond.

                      Erich H stuck the 8" 2 way Curt Campbell Cobalt TM and MTM over in the HT area, I guess because they use a Celestion woofer. Cheaper and more efficient than the Helix.

                      The Ochocinco MTMs I linked can be put in the MLTL tower that Curt Campbell designed for his Aviatrix design. Lots of good info in that link. Worth reading.


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                        I bet The Blues would be killer in HT.


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                          The blues do look promising! Especially in an ML/TL cabinet. The only downside is the tm's are 4ohm. Im not sure my Denon receiver would care much for that...


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                            Your Denon will be fine.
                            Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                              Originally posted by djg View Post
                              Paul Carmody's ...
                              Swopes? the center's woofers are available at other sites than PE.