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Woofers to match

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  • Woofers to match

    If I were to make 2 pairs of speakers using these woofers, which ones would you pair together and why?

    Woofers to match.pdf

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    Your Qes & Qms values are switched with each other.


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      Those are all pretty close. The only to chose would be to put them all in a box modeler and see which are the best matched.

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        Originally posted by guitar maestro View Post
        Your Qes & Qms values are switched with each other.
        You are correct sir! Thanks for point that out.


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          I'd pair 1&3, and 2&4.
          Forcing all 4 into the same box volume and tuning, one pr. are pretty close to each other (and near the middle). The other pair have their plots the farthest apart - so I figure you want them together so they average out.

          If you put 1&2 together (for example), they'd have an F3 lower than the other pr., and your 2 cabs (using 4 drivers) wouldn't match each other very well.


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            Yeah, 1 & 3, the resonance and electrical properties are the closest match of the bunch.
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              I THINK I misunderstood your ?
              The pairing I suggested was for one pr. of MTMs.
              For just 2 pr of TMs, I'd use 3&4 in about 0.75cf tuned to 40Hz. (VERY close box models)
              I'd use 1&2 in 0.8cf, tuned to 36Hz. (#2 will be about 1dB louder on the bottome end: 40-60Hz. - put it on the side w/less room "loading")


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                Well, one set is for Paul's Carreras.


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                  Carreras should be 15W/8530K-00.
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