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FRD and ZMA files for PE .5 Buy-out Woofer?

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  • FRD and ZMA files for PE .5 Buy-out Woofer?

    Anyone have files for this driver to share?

    I'm thinking of doing 5 foot tall line arrays with the Audio Pur PLA92-6. 10 of each per speaker. I traced the PLA92- FRD and ZMA, but can't find anything on these PA buy outs.

    Please feel free to comment on this design also. I'm thinking of crossing over the PLA92- at 2,500 Hz and 24 db/oct. Will ue for L-C-R HT speakers. I gave up on the horns. Woofer not available..

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    Sorry, sticky keyboard and can't seem to edit the subject. Should be 6.5" woofer.


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      I bet he really gets cookin' on that thing.


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        Tons of user pics, very popular item.


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          I'll bet you're right about those speakers cranking. I saw the other thread of a similar biold about a year ago and it has beenin my mind ever since. I jsut had to be convinced teh 6.5s were good. the reviews say there are so I'm going to try them. 10 6.5s and 12 of the PLA92-6 per side.

          Any one seen a response curve for that woofer?


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            WinISD can generate a "ballpark" .zma curve for you (based off the T/S parms and your box design).


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              Thank you. I will try it.


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                It CAN even generate a (bad) FR plot (mostly based on "Le"); open your graph up to 20kHz and use the SPL screen.
                (A bad FR plot might be better than none at all?)