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What are these records????

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  • What are these records????

    LOML helps a lady with "estate sales" and they find some interesting stuff when clearing out someone's house.

    This time it's some records. (Sorry, didn't get a pix)

    They are about the size of an old 45 rpm record, but the hole is much larger -- I assume they are out of a Juke Box type of player.

    But they are labeled "16-2/3" -- I assume rpm.

    No studio, etc, just a series number (123a,123b, 124a, etc)

    Rang any bells in the "good ol' days" memories????

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    I recall my parents console stereo record player having a 16 rpm setting.

    Could it be these? Seeburg background music...
    Explore the Seeburg 9" 16 ⅔ RPM Background Music Records (2" center hole) list by Casablanca45 on Discogs. Create your own list of music and share it with the world.


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      Look up the Oldsmobile automobile record player, about '54 or so, then Cadillac and Buick got them for a few years.

      Old record players often had all four speeds 16 2/3 to 78.


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        One possibly
        9 out of 10 British housewives can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and a dead crab.,,,


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          Yep, seeburg background music

          $150! Per. They have about a dozen!!


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            Those things are pretty cool. Had no idea they existed, and had no idea they were still in use into the 80’s!


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              From the Wikipedia article..."As of 2019, the Seeburg 1000 website continually livestreams the best of the Seeburg 1000 Background Music Library recordings."

              Interesting article, so now I have to go check out the livestream LOL.