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Help needed on my first speaker build and crossover.

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  • Help needed on my first speaker build and crossover.

    Hi All,
    Building a Bluetooth center speaker with 2 x Dayton Audio ND105-4 and 2x TD20F-4 tweeters. I have worked out the attached design with Xsim tool(Thanks to Impulse audio). Need help from the experts on the forum to review the design and guide me if any modifications are needed. the attached screenshot shows the amp with 100w as i wanted to understand about the power dissipation of the component as well.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	xsim_nd105-4_td20f-4_100w.png
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    Thanks in advance.
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    Why two tweeters?


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      Originally posted by Jeff F. View Post
      Why two tweeters?
      What he said.


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        Also, that rising treble from 1kHz up might be pretty bright sounding. That's a personal preference, of course.


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          I'm nowhere near an expert but some observations. As mentioned, one tweeter per pair of ND's is plenty and you likely will still need to pad it a bit.
          The woofers are going past Xmax around 30 Watts, and also at the peak of their power rating, the resistors will not be happy either I think.
          100 watts is a LOT of juice. Your sim shows a spl of +100 dB. If you were driving an ambulance with sirens blasting and your window rolled down.. that's how loud that is.
          A re-sim with a single tweeter and 30W should be get a more realistic idea of what you/have need.
          Nice FR though.. maybe a tad bright but pretty darn flat.
          ​​​​​​​Have fun with it !


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            Ditch a tweeter...or save it. You could get some more ND105s and use the extra tweeters to double your speakers. And yes you will find these a bit bright... that being said I know people who prefer that, they claim it have a more authentic live amplified sound.


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              Why stop at two?


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                Thanks for all your valuable responses. I have just started learning this fascinating stuff. so please excuse me for lack of my knowledge.
                After reading Jeff's comment i realized the error in my design/understanding. i have to split them in two channels. i will rework my design accordingly. A soundbar with 2 channel amp, each channel connected to a 2way crossover + 1xND105 + 1xND20 (or any other suitable tweeter), I have to rework on the 2way crossover design.


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                  Hi All.
                  I have reworked on the Xsim design, My goal is to build a soundbar with 2 channel amp(50W+50W , each channel connected to a 2way crossover + 1xND105-8 + 1xTD20F-4. Wanted to seek advice if this is fine or i need to fine-tune it further. What care should i take with the impedance and power dissipation.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Xsim_nd105-8_TD20F-4.png
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