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  • Request from novice builder

    When replying or discussing someone's speaker design please include a link to them so we can find what they are, availability, etc.

    Over half of the speaker's I've read about are hard to find and if I start browsing the sticky of designs too many links are broken/outdated etc.

    I really appreciate the comments and information being shared here but not being able to find more information is really frustrating.

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    I usually have pretty good luck using google and typing parts express techtalk followed by the project name.


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      Yes, but how many broken links, inactive sites and designs using drivers no longer available do you have to go through before giving up?


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        It’s not often that I can’t find what I’m looking for using that search language and google (specifically google)


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          Bing works pretty good for me, PE Tech Talk and the designer forum name and design name.

          What do you want to know? I can Bing it for you. Seriously, lots of people here will help you find stuff if you ask.


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            What I'm looking for is an old-school 3-way with a passive radiator. Any links to existing designs would be greatly appreciated.

            I've found lots of designs that look good but when you find a detailed thread it's years old and many of the drivers are no longer available.

            What I'm asking is that if you like a design please give the rest of us some information.

            (Sorry for delay replying. Had to make a 1800 mile trip to family reunion. 4 of 6 siblings, 12 of 15 children, 8 of 12 grandchildren. Yep, lots of folks!)


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              2 out of 3....

              Design Team Build #3 - The Juggernauts (also know as The Better Late Than Never) - Techtalk Speaker Building, Audio, Video Discussion Forum


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                One day - I'm going to get off my backside an create the uber speaker design index page / site. I'll have security setup so designers can control content / links if they choose, or I will maintain as best I can. I might even wiki it, if I can apply stringent approval, so it doesn't get ransacked.


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                  Upon further thought, old school and passive radiator don't really go together in my experience. I did an Econowave (2 way horn tweeter, 12" woofer) for about $400 /pr. That is kind of old school and the parts are available. I noticed you were considering Javad"s big horn 3 way.

                  John Krutke (Zaph) has a massive 12" woofer SB Acoustics design available. He also drew up a tower cab for his BAMTM with a 12" sideways Dayton sub.