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Hit Maker Crossover review

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  • Hit Maker Crossover review

    Hi Guys,
    Attached is the crossover I assembled for the Hit Makers I am building for my Niece. Any constructive advice is appreciated.

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    Looks good to me, nice and clean. Are your labels on your inductors reversed?

    It it is probably just fine here given the space and cap between them, but the best orientation for adjacent inductors would be to stand one on edge, so they are oriented like links of a chain. This reduces inductive coupling. Again though you are probably fine as is.


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      yup - looks good though


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        The inductor labels are definitely swapped, but no matter, they're in the right place. There's enough space between them that I don't think the alignment will be an issue. it's spot on with the schematic, and I like your solid copper for bus bar idea, I've got plenty of romex lying around to donate some conductors.

        One other consideration... resistors only mounted with hot glue are likely to pop right off when they heat up. May not happen, depending on how much power you're pushing and how much hits those resistors, but they could end up dangling by the leads in your speakers at some point.
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          Looks great!

          As another said, would probably zip tie resistors AND caps down to board.


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            Awesome, Thanks for the advice!