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Small room subwoofer placement/center channels (Floyd Toole)

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  • Small room subwoofer placement/center channels (Floyd Toole)

    Floyd Toole discusses his book in this interview. One highlight: he said stereos with center channels are better than without. Another was his comments on multiple subwoofers, their placement, in addition to proprietary JBL signal processing for odd shaped rooms. Also, between 50:44 and 51:47 he says one solution to subwoofer frequency modal problems is to place the subwoofer(s) in the center of the ceiling. Earlier, he talked about near field subwoofer placement and how he placed his subwoofer in the basement with a hole place next to his seating position.

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    Toole: Optimal angle to create a sense of envelopment (re: mimic classical music hall experience) is plus or minus 60 degrees. You will get a persuasive sense of being in a big room.


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      Here is the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna he mentions. The "shoebox" shaped concert hall with the 60 degree reflections.