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How can I connect subwoofer BIC F12?

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    If your PC and/or chosen AVR don't have digital or optical connectivity, A USB DAC works. It connects to any USB jack on your PC and breaks that out into L/R analog RCA or optical. DAC digital to analog converter. I use a cheap Beringer from PE, it eliminated interference I had from my monitor when I used the audio out mini plug.

    You should be able to find the manual for about any AVR online. Do your research, don't count on us to tell you what's what. Look at the backside view of any AVR you're interested in. It will show what connections it has. Read the manual, it will tell you what the AVR can do. There are lots of old Dolby Pro Logic AVRs for sale, you want something with Dolby Digital at least. The older and cheaper the AVR, the older the processing.

    Any mainstream consumer AVR will have the sound processing system mfr logos right on the faceplate. Look at the pictures.

    If you don't take the time to learn about all this, you may make an unsatisfactory purchase.


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      Originally posted by Antares95 View Post
      and my 5 speakers to this receiver? Will they work perfectly?
      Again, if Logitech uses DSP, sound processing to make those tiny 3" full range speakers sound better, they won't sound the same with a straight unprocessed signal from an AVR.

      The reviews of the Z906 describe a pretty nice little system with lots of features. You're about to enter a whole new realm of performance and expense if you do this.