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Epique Bookshelf Designs?

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  • Epique Bookshelf Designs?

    Has anyone had done any bookshelf designs with the 5 1/4" Dayton Epique drivers?

    I've been curious about them for a while, but I'm at the level of following directions on other people's designs. (With 3 small kiddos, I barely have enough time to build published designs, much less get into designing.)

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    I haven't seen any, which is a shame. The treble performance of the epique and esoteric drivers is a bit rough, but a skilled designer could make something nice with it, either with a big dome or a big AMT.


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      I am currently working on a personal design using the Epique 5" and a TL N26CR2-A ceramic dome. They probably won't be done for a while but the boxes are in progress now. I do not know the availability of the TL tweeters right now, I picked mine up at Mensicus back in December since they still had stock on them.
      Your results may vary.