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Looking for 8" woofer f3 in low 40's sealed <1.5 cu ft? HiVi LK8A?

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    Take a peek at the Peerless 830667 (PE p/n 264-1102). It is a subwoofer but it looks like it will play clean up to 800 Hz. In 42 Liters (1.5 ft^3) sealed it's F3 is 46 Hz. And you can get all four of them for only $210.

    The HiVi LK8A plays a few Hz lower in 30 Liters, but it can't take much power without running into xmax issues (23 W).

    If you can stand a slightly wider baffle, I would consider the Peerless 10" paper subwoofer 830668. I used that woofer in a WMTM for my son and the in-room bass is really great in just 1.5 Ft^3 sealed. Nice tight bass where the kick drum hits you solidly in the chest and it doesn't seem to be missing any low bass at all (although we don't play any pipe organ music).

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  • Geoff Millar
    We can't link to PE's competitors, of course.

    If you're not set on a sealed design, the specs on the SB Acoustics SB20PFC-8 suggest an F3 of 45 Hz in a 1.25 cu ft. vented cabinet: so, 2.5 cubic feet for two woofers?

    Not sure how accurate the specs are, of course, and I haven't modelled this driver in a box - just mucked about in Xsim for fun.

    I'm trying its little brother, the SB16PFC-8, in a two way and it's sounding rather good. However, the frame shape is a right pain to flush mount, so I haven't!


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  • Looking for 8" woofer f3 in low 40's sealed <1.5 cu ft? HiVi LK8A?

    I am looking for an 8 ohm 8" woofer that has an F3 in the low 40's in under 1.5 cubic foot sealed box.

    This is to build a sealed 3.5 way with tweeter, dome mid, and two 8" woofers in around 3 cubic feet or less.

    I don't think an 8" sub would be the best choice as I would like to cross over to the dome midrange about 800-1000Hz.

    Budget per woofer is ~$150.00'ish.

    The best that I can come up with is the HiVi LK8A 8" Sandwich Cone Woofer,

    HiVi LK8A 8" Sandwich Cone Woofer

    - Говорители - Басови от 6" до 12" - HIVI - LK8A

    Has anyone used or seen this woofer?

    I cannot find any info about it...

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you,