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How to model port resonance

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    Originally posted by Turtle View Post
    Thanks for the information and reassurance. With this particular build, the enclosure volume was predetermined, so I chose a woofer I thought would work well. Based on the dimensions of the enclosure, I could put the port on the top surface or on the rear(preferred) with an elbow. This is assuming a 1.75" port, which is what I'm planning. This port size should minimize any chuffing at full-tilt boogie(up to 50W); I modeled roughly 18 m/sec port velocity at 25W.

    I plan to do a build post in the appropriate sub-forum, to document my work on this one, and future builds as I progress. While I'm not exactly "new" to electronics or loudspeakers/sound reinforcement, I am just now starting to get serious about learning theory and so on. Previously, I've just done generic "slap a woofer/tweeter in a box" type of stuff. My long-term goal is to learn the theory, and then apply my personal style to building speakers/crossovers. For better or worse, I tend to learn by hands-on, DIY, type of projects.
    Elbows are fine. Use the center line distance for length calculations.


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      Agree that elbows are fine where necessary. Use a radiused elbow, with a sweeping curve to minimize flow loss.