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How to model port resonance

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  • fpitas
    As I recall, the Pro version of WinISD shows the port resonant frequency. If the correct diameter port is just too long, can you use a passive radiator?

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  • Turtle
    started a topic How to model port resonance

    How to model port resonance

    I'm looking for recommendations/software/etc. for modeling port resonance. I have a calculation to determine what the frequency would be but I'm concerned it may be at an audible level at higher power. I've been using WinISD to model port velocity and such but I don't see an option to model port resonance.

    I'm currently working on a small enclosure that is forcing me to choose between a small diameter port(with velocity higher than I'd like) or a larger port which puts me at a lower port resonance than I'd like. I'd like to make an educated decision if I can.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.