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Peerless DFM2535, Faital Pro 10FE200-4 two-way with SEOS10 waveguide

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  • Peerless DFM2535, Faital Pro 10FE200-4 two-way with SEOS10 waveguide

    Well it has been almost a year since I picked up the drivers and waveguides to do a test cab of a two-way for home theatre use.

    I finally got a test cab together and quickly ran it through a MiniDSP to see what I was working with.

    So the Peerless was really quite smooth as noted by EarlK and badman in a previous thread. Note the low output levels - kids were asleep and I wanted these measurements before holidays which I'm on now!

    The Faital Pro has a weird suckout from 650-1100hz and I tried a few different ways to see if I could get rid of that in the measurements. I tried pillows on the floor, blankets, changed the gating, etc. But everything had this suckout.

    Second, the Faital was quite weak on the bass side, rolling off around 100. It's in 40L sealed and my box models had it rolling off around 70. I will likely port it and tune to 65 and see what I come up with.

    After all that, EQ with REW came up with this LR4 at 1500 in one attempt. I inverted the phase and got a fairly good null and that was without any delay added to either driver, so I'm guessing the z-offset is going to be pretty minimal. I forgot to run a measurement of both drivers with no EQ to setup the z-offset.

    More when I get back from holidays! Thanks for looking.
    Test cab ready to measure Peerless on axis in SEOS 10 Faital Pro 10FE200 on tweeter axis

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    I've heard very good things about a similar design on another forum. The gist of it was not much low bass but still very nice to listen to. Pro style drivers may take longer to break in, I would give it some time before cutting any holes in the box.