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Helix Dome MTMs vs Fusion 8s

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  • Helix Dome MTMs vs Fusion 8s

    I currently have Fusion 8s across the front, and I was thinking about swapping them to the Helix Domes. Anybody compare the two? I've enjoyed the Fusions and have no real reason to get rid of them outside of them being ugly. Sometimes I feel like they could have a bigger sound stage, but mostly I just have the itch.

    ​​​The Fusions are more sensitive but the Helix Domes are 4 ohms so I don't think there would be much of a difference there. It would mostly be for movies and I have an 18" and a 12" to cover the low end. I do wish I had cleaner bass above 40hz. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would ask Erich H. I'm sure he would like to sell more speaker kits, but he should give you a straight answer.


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      I did ask him. He basically said Helix are better unless you want to get louder and want a larger sweet spot. Vocals were also more likely to be clearer on the Fusions.. just hoping to get more than one opinion. Although I imagine there are few who have heard both.