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Design assistance - Morel MW168-6 with a SEAS 22TAF/G?

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  • Design assistance - Morel MW168-6 with a SEAS 22TAF/G?

    After a several year hiatus from speaker building, I have the bug to build a pair of shop speakers. I'm trying to do this on the cheap by using drivers I already have on hand. I'm hoping the design gurus on the site can help me out with an enclosure and crossover designs. As mentioned in the subject, I'm wanting to use a Morel MW168 6" woofer with a SEAS 22TAF/G tweeter. I've attached spec sheets for both of these drivers. My design goal for this system is to have a decent sounding pair of speakers for listening to FM radio or streaming music in my shop. I'd be willing to sacrifice deep bass for smaller box size and would like to keep the crossover as simple as possible.

    So, are these drivers a good match and is anyone willing to help me out with design assistance? Any comments and assistance will be greatly appreciated!
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    Looks like they will work just fine together. Probably make a real nice monitor. Id try to cross around 2200-2500, get the driver centers as close as possible.

    The theoretical ideal box is 17L, vented (2d x 6” vent) gets you flat response to 43hz. Handles 32w within Xmax down to 38hz. This probably is bigger than you want and garage speakers with ports may need a screen on the port to keep bugs and critters out.

    Smaller sealed (6-10L) gives you a mediocre f3 of only 83hz or so, which may leave you wanting more extension.

    A good compromise may be 10L vented with a 1.5d x 5.4” port. This gives an f3 of 52hz, with the same or better power handling of the first ported box.


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      Claimed sensitivity of the MW168 is 88dB yet the graph in the PDF shows no bafflestep and average sensitivity ~ 85dB. Either that is a free air or small baffle measurement. are you able to get better curves for tracing / simulation?


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        I'm seeing a 0.75cf (21L) box w/a 2"id x 5" long port yielding an F3 near 40Hz, but...
        the +/-3.5mm Xmax limits excursion to 12w RMS near 60Hz (and below). Still, they should play to 89dB (after FULL baffle-step) down to 40Hz.

        2nd order HP: 5uF series cap, 0.60mH shunt coil (to gnd), w/an L-pad: SR = 5ohms / Parallel Resistor = 2ohms
        2nd order LowPass: 2.0mH (low DCR / iron core) series coil, w/a 10uF shunt cap.

        About 78dB w/full BSC, Fc near 2.4kHz, a solid 8ohm system. (Reverse polarity is indicated on the tweeter.)


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          Thanks for the advice guys! I might just build a couple different vented boxes in the 10 - 20 L size and decide by listening which sounds best. The recommended crossover looks pretty straightforward and I may even have some of those parts on hand. I'll plan on posting some updates as I get this system under construction. Thanks again!