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Suggestions for big silly garage speakers?

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  • Suggestions for big silly garage speakers?

    I'm looking for ideas on building some garage speakers. I have a pretty high ceiling so I thought it would be fun to put in a pair of obnoxiously large speakers to jam out to 80s music while I work on other dad things. I don't need amazing sound quality but would like them to be passable. I'm looking to spend $100 total on components, I'll build the boxes outside of that budget. Any similar projects out there or suggestions? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk

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    I'm more into a big subwoofer and smaller speakers. Less box diffraction that way. For your budget, I'd not go big and you certainly can't afford a sub. I have a pair of 80's speakers that would cost about $50 to ship to you, we found them on the street for free, they sound pretty good. The main reason why it costs $50 is that they are so damn big and heavy. But for large speakers, using the cheapest drivers you can find, you need at least a budget of $300, about $200 for drivers and $100 for crossover parts.

    They are Sansui, have somewhat silly surrounds around the tweeter to make them look like a leaf tweeter, use the same drivers as any other 80's large speaker, and could use a couple of lpads on the mid driver to tone down the mids by about 2 db.


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      I didn't price out the crossover components but it looks like about $80 in drivers. I'm sure the total is more than $100 but not by too much. Big! And sealed, which is good for a garage assuming you live wear there are bugs and/or will do any wood working that creates dust.


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        Second for the link above. $100 won't get you much that is big.


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          Depends on what you consider obnoxiously large. Maybe some massive Klipsch horn clones? I'd be tempted to start with the closeout 15" FSL-1520R02-08, an F3 of 40Hz in an 8 cubic foot box. Topped with something like Dayton H6512 waveguide and the Celestion CDX1-1010 or the buyout 7x10 horn tweeter . That's about 75 bucks, so 25 left for crossovers. If 8 c.f. is too big, the woofer will do an F3 of 60Hz in 6c.f. and then just use the bass control to bring the levels up a little.

          So there's a suggestion for a hundred dollar speaker with around a 95 dB sensitivity, pretty good response and enough output to to p*ss the neighbors off


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            I will third the link above. While I have not heard them personally, Johnny is a respected designer and that build is and has been the go-to build suggestion by several people on the board for cheap monkey coffins.


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              If I had that kind of room I would not be able to pass up a humungous 3 way horn (including a bass horn). You could power it with a 1W class A amp built out of a few resistors, a transistor, and a cap, powered by a discarded wall wart or laptop supply. Actually I'd build multiple 1W amps and ditch the whole passive cross over and go low level active (just resistors, caps, and op-amps). Of course, the driver cost would probably have to stretch to $200, but all the rest of the electronics (and XO) would be super cheap - maybe $20. It might also be outside the skill set of a lot of folks (just like making a nice looking box is outside my skill set). I'm pretty sure it could PO the neighbors...


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                I'd monitor craigslist for a pair of older speakers ... Klipsch Cornwalls or something similar.


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                  For twice that amount, you could build Dave Tennie's "Dayton 8" project.