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    Originally posted by chad1376 View Post
    OMG - those are sexy! I've built several arrays, but have been limited to cheap buy-out drivers . I can only imagine what these sound like with quality components, after you get them dialed in. Limitless headroom..Hell Yah! You'll go deaf before the drivers are even close to their limits ;)

    One thing I've found. The sound of an array doesn't really "gell" until you get a little distance between you and the speakers. Hopefully those are in a pretty big room.
    The room is 22'W, 38'L, with a 12' ceiling. The ideal seating distance from a line array should be no less than the height of the array or you'll hear the effects of comb filtering. The speakers are about 5' out from the wall behind them, and my listening chair (sofa) is about 12' from the speakers.


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      I did the sim in The Edge for you, attached. This is for the woofers in your speaker at 3m, on axis, free-field. It does not take into account room reflections, and these might be captured in a measurement. Can you post a far-field measurement for the woofers without crossover? I would be very interested in seeing how different the free-field sim and the in-room measurement are for the open baffle line.



      Click image for larger version

Name:	Tower of Awesomeness woofer sim at 3m on axis.PNG
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        That's the baffle response that needs to be added to the woofer's near field
        John H

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          Originally posted by jhollander View Post
          That's the baffle response that needs to be added to the woofer's near field
          Correct (if that was posted as a question).

          Because the woofers are essentially unloaded and operating "free air", and Fs = 33 Hz and Qts = 0.4, there will some droop in the response below 150Hz from the woofer itself. In this case it's really not bad, With F3 = 70Hz and the rolloff only increasing slowly below. Since Fred is crossing over to a sub (I assume at 100Hz or higher) the rolloff doesn't really make much difference in this case.

          I created this response on axis. As you move off axis things will get worse, but the long line (approximately floor to ceiling) and its reflections off of those surfaces will keep things relatively OK. The difficult thing about modeling this kind of system is that you want to include these "line lengthening" reflections, but I do not know of a modeling program that will do that.
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