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OT: Question on resistors

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  • OT: Question on resistors

    Any of the electrical gurus that could answer would be greatly appreciated. Would the flame proof resistors be good for load equalization on a led turn signal, to restore the flashing? If yes, which value? If no, any recommendation? My son has a Honda Grom that had aftermarket led lights put on it, and they didn't wire in resistors. Thanks in advance. Glenn.

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    I see 50 watt 6 ohm resistors on a well known vehicle LED website. They look like Dale type with a metal heat sink housing.

    Also available are retro fit LED compatible flasher modules.


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      If you still have a bulb laying about you can hit that with a multimeter. The resistance will change slightly with temperature, but not much so the DC resistance should be pretty accurate. Calculate your power required as 14.4V squared divided by the resistance, then go bigger than that.

      Based on the post above, it's probably around 6 ohms and gets 35W from 14.4 volts, so the 50W rating is perfect.
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        I'd go with the LED compatible flasher module. It's the right way to do it.


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          Thanks for the info, guys. I'm going to get the flasher module, and swap it with the flasher relay, then he can swap parts as he chooses, and I won't have to worry about heat build up. I found a plug and play for 20 bucks. Now I won't have to wire in multiple resistors for every light. Glenn.