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DIY Speaker Event in Grand Rapids, MI - Sept. 2019

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    Originally posted by D, Rose View Post
    Anyone post any pics?

    4thtry (Bill S.) took a ton of pictures. He usually posts up a cross section here from the disc he sends Midwest Audio Club for the event archive. I saw a lot of others taking pictures as well, hopefully they post them up.

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      I took some pics, but my phones camera is so old it needs flash powder for proper lighting...
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        Awesome weekend! I've been to Axpona and RMAF a number of times, but this was my first DIY event! Next time I will bring my speakers in from the car, had to leave early for a gig Saturday or else I would have done it this time!


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          Originally posted by D, Rose View Post
          I took some pics, but my phones camera is so old it needs flash powder for proper lighting...
          Someday we will finally get you on an iPhone so you can have a conversation and do basic functions!


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            Originally posted by Pete Schumacher View Post
            Ed never ceases to blow me away.
            They sounded fabulous too!
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              Yeah excellent craftsmanship and sound. I went after you Ed, and it was like going from steak to bologna.


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                That was one of the funniest moments of the day: After Ed's speakers played Kerry says "Next up is Nick". After a short pause you then hear Nick mutter "Oh great". Thanks for taking the bullet for the rest of us Nick as we were all dreading going on after Ed.
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                  Happy to fall on the grenade for everyone, but on a serious note, that should lay to rest any doubt or debate whether better drivers make a difference. Value is relative and you can make an enjoyable speaker cheaply, but Ed's speaker proved that top notch drivers are definitely worth every penny if you are looking for top notch resolution. Well done Ed and Pete.


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                    I'd like to ad my thanks to Kerry, Dan, and Mark, really enjoyed my time there.

                    Someone asked about the raffle tickets. Well, they went for a drawing for a SB system, I think called the Promo but I could have the name wrong. Anyway, there were two, an aluminum coned version and a ceramic coned version. I actually was the winner of the aluminum system, but the first place winner wanted to trade me, imagine that! So I came home with the ceramic version.

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                      Originally posted by Pete Schumacher View Post
                      I've encouraged Ed to finish up these beauties. He says they're ready for paint this week I believe. Acoustic Elegance TD8S paired with Transducer Labs Magnesium or Ceramic domes in an 8" diameter, 1.5" deep waveguide. I think Ed says they weigh in at 125lbs each, not including stands. I know he'd love to get your feedback.
                      There were many really excellent sounding speakers at the event and Ed's was among them. You did a superb job on the crossover and his cabinet work is not only unique, it's beautiful!

                      Great job by both of you!



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                        Many thanks to Mark, Kerry and Dan for the excellent event. I haven't been to an event since last years Iowa DIY so I was very focused on listening to everyone's speakers. There were many great sounding speakers that I really enjoyed listening to.

                        I didn't get to meet several individuals that I wanted too and somehow, it escaped me until near the end that we had an SB rep in attendance. I would have loved to learn a bit more about SB drivers. I regret not meeting everyone but hopefully at the next DIY event.

                        Anyway, Excellent job guys and I hope to see everyone at Iowa DIY next month! Curt and I will both be there with the Travelers.



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                          I'm glad everyone enjoyed the event this year. The turn out was insane! I've been the past 3 years before and it was never close to this. My first year there were probably 8 people on Friday night and maybe 15 on Saturday.

                          We've already started considering changes to next years format to make it better. I think the general consensus (myself and Dan included) was that we need to cut down on the amount of time each speaker plays. We are thinking about shooting for 6 minutes total with 3 minutes each house and personal tracks instead of 5/5 min. Based on how big the event was this year, which was very unexpected, and comments on the Facebook group that more people are planning on attending next year, there is some discussion about making this 2 days. The other option would be to guarantee only one spot if you bring more than one speaker and reserve the end of the day if time permits to play additional.

                          Unfortunately we didn't really get to conduct the crossover test we were hoping for. We had some issues with the switching unit and also had no time on Saturday anyway. We'll try again at some point in the future with this.

                          If anyone has any suggestions on changes they think would make the event better, let us know. We are open to feedback. This definitely doesn't have to be the same format as other events and we are up for trying other things, like maybe not even having a house track.


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                            Many thanks to Mark, Kerry, and Dan for putting on a great event. Enjoyed the roof toss, pizza, conversations, snapping photos, listening, etc., etc. Thanks to Ken for a slightly used mono-block tube amplifier. It uses 6SNT7 octal base input amp/inverted tubes and large 807 power output tubes. Massive power and output transformers. I will see what I can do with this. Also purchased a set of 4 nice SB Acoustics 3/4" dome tweeters from Mark for a future project.

                            Pictures?? I only have one picture done so far. Will post more tommorrow. For this one, I used an action sequence technique (often used by pro sports photographers) to capture the roof toss. Just as Mark released the speaker, I burst my camera at 5 fps until the speaker hit the ground.

                            CAPTURE INFO:

                            Date/Time: 9/20/19 7:10pm Eastern (Sunset was 7:56pm)

                            Excellent Light: Partly cloudy, light starting to fall off a little as sunset approached.
                            The sun was behind the buildings, which put the subject in open shade.

                            Camera: Nikon D800 (36MP full frame) on tripod
                            Lens: Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G ED VR
                            Shutter speed: 1/1250 second
                            Aperture: F/5.6
                            ISO: 1250
                            Focal Length: 26mm
                            Image Quality: RAW
                            Focus: Manually prefocused at 25 feet, yielding a DOF from 9 feet to infinity.
                            Shooting speed: 5 frames per second triggered with remote release cable.
                            Buffer limit: 16 frames at 5 fps when shooting camera RAW (approx 4 seconds)

                            POST PROCESSING:

                            7 individual pictures merged in photoshop and saved as a multi-shot freeze frame sequence.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Splatter.jpg
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ID:	1422010
                            Totally Flat:
                            Plumber's Delight:


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                              Hey guys. Thanks for all the kind words. I was really worried about my cabs because I'd changed tweeters, not to mention having such a hard time with the soldering chores after getting them back from the paint shop. Pete did an amazing job on the crossovers, and it all seemed to work out. My entire experience was so positive that I know that if there would have been a problem with my speakers, multiples of people would have offered to help. Everyone was encouraging. I had a great time, and I loved listening to everyones creations. What a great time!!! There was tons of talent on display, thats for sure!!!
                              The Past is history. The Future is a mystery. Today is a gift; that's why its called the Present. (Grand Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda)


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                                32 fps/sec