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Help with bluetooth boombox build

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  • Millstonemike
    If you look at the charging board, it has outputs to each individual cell for charging. So, I would think that you can power the box with the batteries while the batteries charge (like a cell phone). But you'll always be in that mode. So if the batteries are really low, you may not be able to use the boombox.

    Why not check with Sure to be sure?

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  • Leopold1
    started a topic Help with bluetooth boombox build

    Help with bluetooth boombox build


    I'm planning to build a mobile bluetooth boombox with the Sure Electronics 2x50W JAB board. (or Dayton 2x50W KAB)

    The problem is I don't want to use the 3s 18650 Li ion battery extensions because of the main low voltage 12.6V

    I've got my eye on a sure 5S 26650 battery charger BCPB4 which delivers a 21V which imho is better suited for the Amp board.

    My question is the following:
    When you look at the Sure/Dayton suggested setup with the 3S 18650 extension boards, the boards are charged through the JAB board on port J7. The JAB board is powered through an external power supply on port 2

    I am wondering if I use the BCPB4, powered by an external power supply, and connect the output to power the JAB board on port 2, will this work without issues?