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    Originally posted by bgymr View Post

    I don't think the 8" woofer can take the full potential of the amp I have hooked up to it. The rating is 75wpc, but after two songs with the volume knob above 11 o'clock the dust cap is pretty hot. Not a knock, because most people wouldn't push them that hard(I had a ornament fall from the adjacent mantle), just a comment on the handling. My experience is diff from djg and his 225w. He has much more experience so I would listen more to him.

    Respect to all who helped, especially Wolf for the design and djg for the prompt comments
    Just wanted to add to this - we had about 10-100w going through mine all night (300wpc AB amp) and no dustcap or crossover heat.


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      I'm no expert in these matters but the sound to me is fantastic. .