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    Originally posted by Dave Bullet View Post

    Are you applying your active crossover in the digital or analogue domain? Can you please tell me the component chain you're looking to use?

    Reason being - I'm really intrigued by Charlie Laub's work on LADSPA plug-ins for digital crossovers. Was trying some combinations for a 12", 6.5" and 1" 3 way and it was a lot of fun.

    All I need now is a >= 6.1 HDMI or USB based DAC. So interested in whether you are going the hardware or software route for your crossover.
    I am using analog right now but, just bought a Dayton DSP, so will probably use that for this system.


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      Good info here guys. Thanks and continue! I haven' t had time to mess with these drivers yet but I guess I have my work cut out for me when I do.